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January 1, 2017-December 31,2017
Chamber's Officer and Board of Directors

President Ryan Hoffmann (844) 883-9043
Vice President Alex Stodola (920) 845-2914
Treasurer Jean Dax (920) 606-0311
or (920) 655-8996
Secretary Brenda Burdick (920) 680-1912

Board of Director:

It is recommended that the Past President serve as ex-officio member on the Board for one year after their term as President, to oversee consistent transfer.

Board of Directors
Bonnie Kratz (920) 680-3029
Jeff Blemke (920) 544-6410
Ted Stodola (920) 845-2914
Matt Erickson (920) 255-2040
Glen Rueckl (920) 606-8991
Bill Gruhlke (920) 606-6502

Officer Elections are held during the regularly scheduled October meeting.